• Image of Pttrns — Love Quest II

Release Date: August 05, 2011
Catalog Number: AVM 042
Format: 12"/Digital

Almost exactly a year after the release of their debut »Science Piñata«, Cologne’s own Pttrns are back with »Love Quest I« and »Love Quest II«. These 12"s are the first two installments of a theoretically infinite conceptual series of 12"s, each consisting of a brand new Pttrns jam and a remix of a previously released song done by friendly artists. The inception of the »Love Quest« series marks a tribute to the ever-evolving multiplicity that Pttrns’ aesthetic lays out: Formally manifested in the band’s inclusion of a 4th permanent member, percussionist Hendrik Frese, the series opens up the band’s material to participation and appropriation: The performers are equally spectators, listeners collaborators, everyone plays everything.

The format of »Love Quest« is no coincidence, then—»High Hopes« (Love Quest) and »Powder Structures« (Love Quest II), Pttrns’ new offerings produced by Jan-Philipp Janzen at Von Spar’s Dumbo Studios, touch on Disco, Boogie, Highlife and R&B, playfully focussing the series’ theme with urgent, polyrhythmic delivery while showcasing an increasing concern for structure and arrangement—these are some straight dance records. As is equally evident by the reworkings on the flip-sides: Lithuania’s Downtown Party Network reworking of »Diamond Life«, previously on »Science Piñata«, presents an irresistible and sticky, synth-laden Italo-anthem, while Map.Ache’s »Professional Voodoo Tomorrow Recast« (LQ II) is a breathtaking sentimental and resilient early-summer-morning House tune. Beautifully designed by long-time friends and collaborators Our Polite Society (Amsterdam), »Love Quest I+II« are the first recorded instants of a journey, documents not of a concluded past, but of a future that could be.

Produced by Jan-Philipp Janzen; Recorded & mixed by Jan-Philipp Janzen at Dumbo Studios, Köln; Mastered by Michael Schwabe at Monoposto, Düsseldorf; Designed by Our Polite Society, Amsterdam

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