• Image of Radio Burroughs — The Principles Of Hope Or Hybris

Release Date: February 13, 2009
Catalog Number: AVM 027
Format: LP/Digital

What Radio Burroughs developed in the (post) Hardcore- and Screamo scene, matured into guitar pop music, as it should sound in the 21st century. Corners and Borders got smoothed down to make space for groove and catchiness, without being to obvious. Musical and emotional breakouts are much more modest than they used to be, set in place in a rather more focused and effective way. Memorable harmonies are being playfully twisted and tuned around, backwards and forwards and forwards and backwards, before the listener would even have the chance to say »broken bisquit«.

And does anybody remember the wonderful spoken word lyrics by Sue Thomas from Life Without Buildings? In between all that catchiness it seems like the whole thing is even trying to tell us something, in some enlightened magical way—not a normality in times of Indie 2.0.

Recorded & mixed by Christoph Bartelt at Sweatbox Studios, Berlin; Mastered by Andreas Balaskas at Masterlab, Berlin; Designed by Janett Bielau, Leipzig

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